Our Approach

With Affiliated Specialties, you can rest assured you are getting the most out of your investment and you won’t be surprised with any hidden fees.

Our team is committed to the success of your business and creating a mutually-beneficial partnership. That means we make smart, strategic decisions on your behalf and provide insightful, transparent communications to your team.

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Tax Savings

Business owners are always looking for tax savings. Affiliated Specialties offers comprehensive benefit plans that help your employees and, through pretax deductions, we help with your payroll tax liabilities as well. Benefits are deducted pretax, reducing the income taxed to your employees. And, because they pay less, you pay less as well. Through our system, your employees can purchase additional benefits, like life insurance and Aflac products, that generally do not change their take-home pay. Also, as your payroll and benefits provider, the fee for service to Affiliated Specialties is a deductible expense as well.

Benefit Affordability

Providing benefits to your small-to-mid-sized company is an investment – you are investing in the people that work hard for you day in and day out. Whether you are required by law to provide benefits, or you feel a sense of duty as a responsible employer, we are here to help. Our goal has always been to allow the little guys to swim in the big pond. We do this by leveraging our size and strength, and we’re giving you the opportunity to buy in and make our pond even larger. By continuously increasing our size, we are able to go out and negotiate better rates year after year.

Our experience has shown that offering benefits usually means adding overhead. You will either pay your current admin more to manage these new benefits, or hire someone with the HR experience necessary to keep up with it all. Either way, it is not cheap. Allow us to take that weight off your overworked office staff. Don’t worry about benefits administration, don’t worry about workers compensation review and audits – in fact, don’t worry about payroll. Let us take on some of that weight so your team can focus on what they do best – leveraging their specialties to help you make more money.

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The typical client of Affiliated Specialties has one shining star admin who runs their office while they are organizing crews or selling. They hired this office admin because they are trusted go-to resource, but over the years this bright spot for their company is pushing paper, completing time sheets, checking time sheets, entering time into computers, printing paychecks, preparing direct deposits every week and sometimes even spending a day or more to process just your payroll. Can you imagine a scenario where your go-to admin simply submits time sheets to Affiliated Specialties?

Our clients have this luxury. With the help of Affiliated Specialties, their admins only have to spend about an hour submitting time records. Once that step is done, Affiliated Specialties takes over. We process the payroll and submit the direct deposit. We also pay the taxes, deductions, health benefits and, when complete, send back a detailed spreadsheet that can be uploaded into an accounting system for job costing purposes. It’s that easy.

With Affiliated Specialties, admins do not have to mess with payroll. Instead, they can enjoy good health care and focus on their primary role – helping you grow your company.