Affiliated Specialties is a human resources services provider for small-to-mid-sized specialty contracting businesses.

We offer a comprehensive HR solution as well as individual services, including payroll services, HR management, benefits administration and Affordable Care Act reporting. As a strategic HR partner, Affiliated Specialties is invested in the well-being of our customers’ businesses and employees. That’s why we provide flexible services that are tailored to the unique needs and budgets of each and every organization.


Small businesses operate best when productivity intersects efficiency. Affiliates Specialties was born out of the desire for that productivity – our payroll services are designed to streamline your payroll cycle. Here is how it works:

After your office staff receives time sheets and provides the necessary approvals, they forward the time sheets to Affiliated Specialties. With time sheets in hand, an Affiliated Specialties employee enters your information into our software, ensuring that your job cost information is accurate and you are getting the full advantage of your tax savings. Next, you will receive two items via email – a bill that details all your payroll data, taxes and our fee for service as well as a job costing report you can load into your accounting software. We take care of all the back-office support, 940, 941, ACA reporting, payments for health benefits and supplemental coverages. We also provide you with year-end W-2 processing and access to pay cards for employees who may not have a bank account. Additionally, we offer your employees access to their own portal where they can change withholdings, view or print paystubs and manage their contact information and bank account.


One of the most time-consuming processes that can inhibit a small business’s growth is Human Resources. We get it – that’s why we have a powerful team to help you through the hurdles and difficulties of this important department. From application to retirement or other separation, we want to be your HR partner. We can help your firm build the efficient processes you need to make this part of your job easier.

As co-employers, we are in this together. We want to make sure that when you hire a new team member, they are onboarded and prepared for success with your firm. While you make sure they are work eligible and educated to the specifics of and safety procedures for the job, we take care of everything from benefit management to employment verification. If this employee gets injured, we are next to you every step of the way and, when it is time to end your relationship with this employee, we are there to advise and end the relationship properly.


It would be nice to live in a world in which a single click of a button and all your payroll liabilities are taken care of. If you currently or have in the past offered health benefits, you know how arduous the process can be. Picking health plans, deductibles and co-pays not only takes you away from making money but, depending on your business size, it can easily and quickly take away your profitability.

Affiliated Specialties takes the administration role and leaves you with the benefits. Once enrolled, your employees and your firm realize the benefits of our group size and ability to take advantage of some serious tax savings.

Affiliated Specialties offers two medical plans, dental, vision, life and supplement employee paid insurance products. All the benefits are administered in our system, saving you time not only in having to pay everyone individually, but in the countless hours spent on finding the plans that offer the best benefit for the least cost. You only have to press one button to send off your payroll – the rest is taken care of by Affiliated Specialties.


For specialty contractors, workers compensation is a big deal. Margins are tight, and competition is high. Not only is your safety record important but what you pay for workers compensation also matters.

At Affiliated Specialties, we help with your workers comp by not only delivering a great price but also helping you manage claims. On-the-job-injuries certainly aren’t ideal, but bumps and bruises are inherent in the construction industry. The structure of our organization, however, allows us to spread out costs and claims over multiple companies, which ultimately eases the cost and the hassle for all of our customers.

Our comprehensive HR solution

Affiliated Specialties works directly with your internal team to both identify your HR needs and implement solutions to address these needs. We can provide a range of customized HR services for your company, from payroll and HR management to benefits administration and Affordable Care Act reporting. And, even though we manage your HR, you will still remain in full control of your employees and your business.

With Affiliated Specialties, you can rest assured you are getting the most out of your investment and you won’t be surprised with any hidden fees. Our team is committed to the success of your business and creating a mutually-beneficial partnership. That means we make smart, strategic decisions on your behalf and provide insightful, transparent communications to your team.

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