Our Story

Our goal is to help specialty contractors grow and strengthen their businesses by providing an affordable, effective HR services solution

As mid-sized specialty contractors ourselves, we struggled to find an efficient and cost-effective way to provide health insurance to our employees. The size of our businesses made it difficult for us to both secure affordable coverage and manage the risk associated with high-priced insurance and workers compensation claims. We considered partnering with other human resources companies that could help us navigate regulations and shoulder some of the risk, but these companies were extremely expensive and didn’t understand the ins and outs of working with specialty contractors.

Tired of looking for a solution that would actually work for our businesses, we decided to create our own HR services solution – Affiliated Specialties. Through Affiliated Specialties, we were finally able to provide health insurance to our employees and relieve our staff of the headache of dealing with HR policies and paperwork. With a comprehensive solution in place, our businesses are even stronger and more focused on producing great work for our customers.

Guided by our direct specialty contractor expertise and experience, Affiliated Specialties is committed to providing an affordable, effective HR solution to other small-to-mid-sized specialty contractors seeking to grow and strengthen their businesses.